We want to ensure everyone we work with is beyond satisfied with the work that we do. We’d like to share some of the feedback we receive with you, along with some case studies on how our SEO services have helped business owners grow their business.

All of these testimonials and case studies are 100% real.

Case Study: National Data Center

This is an exciting case study because of how long they’ve been working with us, and it shows the results of long-term SEO.

Here is an image of the client’s ORGANIC traffic going to their site from the time that we started working on their SEO to June of 2017.

This client has grown their business revenue exponentially from organic traffic since we started working with them, and continue to grow as we are working with them to dominate the most difficult and valuable keywords of their industry.

Case Study: HVAC Installation and Repair

Here’s a case study with an HVAC installation and repair company that’s in a smaller yet competitive city on the outskirts of Houston. We included this one to show what it looks like to have SEO working for you even before you reach the top of the SERP (search engine results page)

This is the Google Analytics screen capture of working with them for only 3 months. While ranking in Google does take time, the effects can be seen in as little as a few months, and the organic traffic going to their site is clearly in an uptrend. While the season for HVAC repairs is generally around the time in the graph, the traffic they receive is higher than their average.

Case Study: Snowball Machines and Supplies

This is a national client that provides snowball machines, ice shavers, trailers, flavors, and all sorts of supplies to many customers. They dropped a previous SEO “expert” because they weren’t being honest about how they were achieving their results and they were providing generally bad service.

Although snowball season is generally in the summer, we can see a significant improvement from the previous season due to organic rankings. Their web traffic is a huge part of their business, as they see many orders come in from online users Googling for suppliers.


What our clients say about our work.

Century City Wealth Management

Adam Torres is the founder of Century City Wealth Management, where he helps individuals and businesses build, protect, and preserve their wealth. As a strategic partner in any financial planning, he works closely with his clients and their financial team to ensure the best possible short and long-term strategies.

Century City Wealth Management is a current and ongoing client. We help them increase their online exposure by ranking their business website in Google for Century City, which also gains exposure from Beverly Hills. Coupled with continuous value-add content and outreach, their website becomes as valuable as a sales team in acquiring new clients for their business.


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