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There are so many marketing companies in Houston that offer multiple types of service, but rarely do they have the ability to effectively rank sites in Google.

Due to the nature of Google's ever-changing algorithm and the competition of all those other companies that attempt to optimize their websites, SEO has become a specialized skill rather than just a paid-for labor.

Talk to our SEO experts in Houston TX for a free consultation about getting to the top of Google's search results for your products or service.

Dominate your market

There can only be one!

There's only one top position on Google's search engine results. This top placement receives about 40% of all traffic for a particular keyword. Having that top position on a primary keyword for your service in your market effectively turns your website into an active revenue generator.

Is your website making you money?

Unless you're actively pushing out new content and doing a lot of social media marketing, chances are it's not. That's why the top position in Google is so coveted.

People that search for your product or service in Google are warm leads, and the company that ranks for that top spot is taking the majority of those new customers.

Imagine that your business has that top position and you have calling you instead of you having to do outbound prospecting. You know that they are more ready!

By working with the best Houston SEO consultants to improve search engine ranking, we can make inbound warm leads a reality, helping you grow and scale your profits!

Your Houston SEO Company

Because we specialize in Houston SEO, we have a proven track record to perform for this market. Despite what other companies may say or what you may hear in YouTube videos, Google's ranking algorithm is not the same for every niche and market. This means that there's a much more technical and thorough process involved to rank in the top position and keep it there for years to come.
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Who We Are? 
The Impactnext Houston SEO Team

We are the leaders in Houston local SEO.

Houstonians that love the city of growth, diversity, and its strong economy, we are SEO specialists that love to network with and help other business owners in our city. Headquartered at the brand new and cutting edge facility, The Cannon Houston, we've taken what we learned with local and national SEO and applied it to business owners in Houston that are ready to take their business to the next level.

We created https://impactnextseo.com with the intention of making impact with the businesses in our local community so that they can continue to do what they do best and make Houston an even greater city!

We've been ranking our clients on Page 1 of Google since 2014, employing effective strategies and techniques to make sure our clients beat out the competition. We position your website to target your customers through free, organic traffic from Google, without having to dump many thousands of dollars into paid ads. 
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How our SEO process works


Architecture and Site Analysis

  • Content Strategy
    Determine the niche you're in and the kind of content that is not only going to appeal to your audience but help capture a wider net of keywords to bring in more traffic and conversion opportunities.

  • Competition Analysis
    Understand what your competition is doing now, where they rank, and get a feel for the market so we know exactly how to create our strategy.

  • Content Development
    Build out our content map, identify the writers that we are going to want to work with, and prioritize the content that's going to be built to be most effective.

  • Keyword Research
    Determine our primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords that will bring you the customers you want and maximize your revenue.

On Site Optimization

  • SEO Titles and META Tags
    Everyone knows your SEO titles and tags are important, as they are one of the oldest optimization requirements.

  • SEO Friendly URLs
    URLs are among the top most important factors when ranking your website, so it's important to get them right from the beginning.

  • Site Structure
    Your site's page structure is incredibly important in order for Google's bots to truly value the site's credibility and ease of use for users.

  • Internal Linking
    Based on the content strategy that we'll employ, internal linking is important when it comes to conversion as well as effective SEO

Off Site Optimization

  • Link Building
    The part of SEO that's not really about optimizing, but more about building to higher and more powerful rankings.

  • Backlinks Analysis
    Discovering the health of the site and how we move forward with a backlinking strategy.

  • Analytics Tracking
    Making sure all the analytics and tracking tools are properly in place so we can measure effectiveness and conversion.

  • Reporting
    Proper reporting on all of the off site optimization work so that everyone involved knows progress and next steps at all times.

Best Local SEO Company in Houston

If you've just come from Google, then the proof is in the pudding. You've found us from our organic listing. We don't do PPC or paid ads on Google.

And we can get those same results for you.

We strive to bring you the best, and we're confident that what we can deliver can't be outmatched by all the other run of the mill marketing agencies in town.

With our background in software and web development, we have a deep understanding of not only how websites work and how they're built, but of how Google's algorithm works and we are able to keep up with the constant changes.

That means working with us isn't a one size fits all solution. By being our client, you always have access to the most up to date methods and techniques that bring the most effective SEO in the market.

We provide excellent and measurable results for our clients every single month without any of the BS that comes with it. 

That's REAL RANKING RESULTS that you otherwise would only hope you could achieve by paying thousands every month to a generic web design and marketing shop.

Search for your service in Google right now, and look at who is in the top position.

That's who you need to beat. Are you ready?

Call us at (662) 631-4995 today to get started.

Yes, I want the Best SEO in Houston - What happens next?

1. Analysis

The path to winning starts at the very beginning. 

We examine everything about your website's current state, fix any issues that we find, and make sure we have everything need to move into the on-site optimization phase.

We analyze your competitors to understand what the market looks like and identify ranking patterns for your particular industry, as the algorithm varies for each niche.

2. On-Site Optimization

Making sure your site is running at its max effectiveness crucial to long-term results.

We start by analyzing site structure, content, keywords, titles and meta tags, images, speed, schema, and everything in between.

We will get your site fully optimized so that our final phase will bring you the best results possible.

3. Off-Site Optimization

Your backlink profile will make the greatest long-term impact.

By building relationships with other websites, we will maximize the credibility and authority that Google perceives of your website.

This will give your site the power needed to push through the rankings and prove that it is the best possible option for the customers that are looking for your service.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of "optimizing" your site according to search engine standards so that it may prefer you over other websites when displaying results to people searching for answers.

The way we approach SEO is to break it into two parts:

The first is the optimization piece which has mostly to do with making sure your website meets those standards. 

The second is what we call the building phase (we like to refer to this as Search Engine Building). This is where we are building those backlinks and relationships with other websites because that is what truly gives your website the credibility that Google and other search engines are looking for.

Why do I need SEO for my business?

Most people that use Google (almost 75%) never move to the second page. This is because most of the time they find what they are looking for on the first page, either from organic listings or from ads.

Your website might be ranking on page 2, 3, 4, and beyond, but it likely sees a visitor come from that page once every blue moon.

By investing in getting your website to the first page of Google, and ultimately to that coveted top position, you give your website a way to expose itself to many more customers, effectively turning it into a salesman for your business!

When those customers come in from Google, they've searched for a company like yours on their own accord, which means they're generally already ready to buy, which makes closing the sale a lot easier for you.

I heard content is king. Do I really need backlinks?

Be careful about what you hear on the internet. There is a LOT of (mis)information always in circulation, but guess what? Most people are not able to rank their websites using that information.

Consider this -- there's only one position 1. And when you are trying to do SEO, you're playing a game with Google. You're trying to prove that your website is the best option.

But if everyone is trying to do that, how is Google going to determine which website is the best option for its users?

If every one of those websites has the exact same content, which is easy to do, then what is a differentiating factor that is difficult for these sites to do?

This is why backlinks are important. A backlink isn't simply a link. It's a relationship to another site. When you get backlinks from other credible and relevant websites, you're telling Google, "hey, these are my friends that you already trust. That means they trust me. You should trust me, too".

Backlinking strategies are extremely important, and extremely difficult to get right. Many people, every year, try to game the system and do this incorrectly, and they permanently damage their sites. This is why it's so important to have it done right by a team that knows exactly how to do it. 

We spent years learning how to do this correctly, and it's one of the biggest advantages we give to our clients.
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