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Most businesses spend a small fortune on advertisements, whether it’s local billboards and signs or Google AdWords. While this can quickly get them in front of potential clients, it’s actually not the best way to go.

Invest in your presence.

SEO is an investment. By investing in your business’s online presence and visibility, you are generating organic results without having to compete for ad space. Businesses using AdWords believe they are using a cheaper, more effective way of reaching users online. This is, in most cases, false. By competing in the AdWords realm, a business competes against 10, 20, or more other Ads in a limited space, raising their cost-per-click for a single visitor. While ranking a website in Google search results takes longer, it’s far more cost effective and brings more potential leads over a longer period of time. For the amount of users that use Google to find services, there simply isn’t a better investment in a marketing strategy with as great of returns.


Search Engine Optimization is the act of priming your site to rank well on search engines such as Google and Bing. When your site meets the high standards set by search engine algorithms, your site naturally rises to the top. This differs from paid and premium ads in that you are not paying for advertisement credits, you don’t compete with other ads, and you bring traffic to your site organically from regular Google searches. This is where our SEO expertise comes in.


These days, a large percentage of people use Google and other search engines to find services and products. In most cases, users tend to select from the options on the first page of the results, and of that first page the top 3 are the most viewed and selected. Users use a top-down method, where they almost always select the first result and then the second. Being ranked #1 in search results for a keyword is incredibly important because you will be viewed before any of your competitors, giving you the first chance to attract a customer.

What we can do for you is make your website and online presence more powerful so that you can rise to the top rank. By doing this, we can significantly increase the web traffic that goes to your site or social properties, thus getting your brand in the eyes of your customer. Using our unique and powerful methods of search engine optimization and online marketing strategies, we can get you the competitive advantage you are looking for. There are several components to SEO that we consider in our techniques, and each of these are equally important. This is why we are considered a top SEO company

  • SEO Experts

    Launch your site to the top of search result rankings and be the first point of contact for customers in your market

  • Social Media

    Make sure you’re active on all social networks to get connected with your potential customers

  • Content Marketing

    Generate attractive and relevant content in the online space to build your credibility and reputation

  • Brand Visibility

    Become the forefront business of your market by using the various facets of social media, search, and content distribution

  • Traffic

    Use your online presence to reach potential leads and attract them to your site

  • Customer Base

    Convert the leads you’ve gained through search visibility, social media exposure, and attractive content into paying customers.

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Optimizing The Page

One component to having efficient exposure on the web is to have an attractive landing page for customers that come to your site. Even if you are on the #1 Google result spot, a customer judges your business by how your site looks. Be Prepared for that!

How can you be prepared?

Easy! We can do that for you. We offer web design services to give your site a clean, modern, and professional look that will attract your customers and make them feel like they are dealing with a business that truly cares. A website is like the online version of your storefront. You want it to look appealing and invite your customers in by making them feel like they can trust you.

Don’t forget about Mobile!

60% of users that look for products and services online are now using their mobile devices. That’s massive! In addition, websites that are not optimized for mobile will be penalized by Google and will either drop in rank or not show up at all in search results. Our web designs are responsive, meaning they will be perfectly optimized for mobile. If you already have a website you are happy with but it’s not optimized for mobile, we can get your existing site prepared for your phone users.

What To Do With The Increased Traffic

Getting to the #1 rank on Google is a big deal! Your website attracts your potential customers’ attention before your competitors and you can significantly increase the web traffic to your site. But what now? How do you effectively deal with that extra traffic?

Online marketing strategies.

The next step is to figure out how to capture those leads. What we can help you do is optimize the way your site appeals to your visitors, gets them the information they’re looking for, and streamline the process of converting them into customers. We will optimize your website to be the perfect marketing tool.

Sales over 9000!

From basic to advanced marketing, we can help you get what you need. When it comes to capturing leads and converting them into customers, we can help create a sales funnel that will move your leads quickly and effectively into the path of being your customer by making it easy for them to value and trust your product or service.


Google Rankings SEO

As a leading SEO company, our core practice is to get our clients to the top of Google. Dominating your market on the online search giant will bring you more traffic and customers than you had previously. You can rely on our proven methods to get your website ranked at the top while you enjoy the benefits of the increasing online exposure and reducing your monthly advertising budget.

Local SEO

Local SEO is extremely important because your localized presence appeals to your customers within your area. Google uses sites like Yelp, Mantra, Maps, and other web 2.0 profiles to help search users find your business. By setting up and properly managing your online social presence, it will benefit both your rankings and your local visibility.

Local SEO
Video SEO

Video SEO

With our SEO Experts, you can create and rank your YouTube videos to increase views, gain more traffic to your site and YouTube channel, and provide effective and informational videos to your potential leads and customers. Videos are an important addition to your tool belt and can often bring in more traffic than more traditional web sites and social profiles. Online video content is not excluded from SEO and requires a lot of the same techniques to get your video visible above the massive amounts of video content out there. Let us help you get the exposure you need!

Web Design SEO

Whether you’re looking for a new website or trying to improve your existing one, our web design SEO focuses on creating or improving designs that are optimized for SEO. The difference between a traditional web design and an SEO-focused web design is the intention to keep the website within the standards set by Google for search result rankings. This includes mobile-friendly, on-page SEO , and information optimization. Google knows the difference between a site that is helpful to users and one that is not. The algorithm can also tell when a site is mobile-friendly and filter search results based on that.

Web Design SEO

What Our Clients Say About Us

Toan Nguyen

We hired ImpactNEXT to develop our company website’s design and back-end application, as well as get us ranked to the top of our primary market’s keywords. We couldn’t be happier with the level of service and commitment we received.

Toan NguyenCEO
Manijeh Mobasheri

Our restaurant had no presence online aside from an automated Google maps listing. ImpactNEXT was able to create a simple mobile-friendly website for us and get us ranked on Google’s search results so that we can have more foot traffic from people that are moving into our growing town.

Manijeh MobasheriOwner